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Klitch Footwear Clip Review

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This is one of the best written reviews of the Klitch Footwear Clip I've seen over at Soccer Cleats 101. I've excerpted it below but read it in its entirety here:  SoccerCleat101-Klitch

Footwear clip? The Klitch? You have probably never heard of those two things before, and you probably didn’t know there was even a product that held your shoes together. The Klitch is a patented footwear clip that was invented to free up your hands and hang extra footwear on the outside of your bag. 

First Impressions

I was fortunate enough to recieve two Kiltches (be careful when saying that aloud) in the mail, one in a flash orange color and one in a sky blue. I also received a look book of the different colors that it comes in. When comparing the actual product to the book, the flash orange color is slightly more pink looking in person. The sky blue color is also a bit lighter color wise than in the book and on the computer. Unfortunately, they are packaged in the old hard to open plastic covering, which pretty much takes scissors to open. They are one size fit all so the only thing you have to select is the color you want.

the klitch footwear clip

The klitch footwear clip

How it works

The product itself is kind of self explanatory on how it works. You open the plastic piece at the top, which unlocks the metal bar and allows the arms to open. After that, the arms go around the sides of your shoes, with a plastic part in the middle. You then push the arms until they are tight and holding the shoes together. You then put the metal bar back in the ridge that fits and push down on the plastic bar. After you close the bar, it squeezes the shoes a bit tighter, which locks them in place. You can then hook them to your bag or carry them by the metal clip.

Does it work?

A definite yes. As long as I set them correctly, I felt that there was no chance of my shoes falling off. I would describe it as a simple and effective product. And because there isn’t a lot going on in terms of design, there isn’t much that can go wrong. The arms do get stuck occasionally when extending them though, but they would still move to where you wanted them to go. I did find that your shoes do have a lot of room to bounce around, and they would often bounce on me awkwardly and spin around. However, I have no doubt that these will last, they have held up well for me and a one year warranty is included with each Klitch, regardless of where you buy it. It’s nice to have a company that’s confident in their product and will stand behind it.

We sell them for $9.99 here with free shipping. Again read the full review from Soccer Cleat 101 here:


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